43 indictments were taken out on individuals who were buying, selling, and distributing drugs.

These arrests were made in hopes to have a drug free Tennessee.

Since April of 2013, TBI investigators have been working a case, trying to catch those involved with drugs and get them off the streets.

"They had drug buys that were conducted from persons in houses, in their cars, making difference purchases of morphine pills, Hydro-morphine pills, meth, as well as marijuana and some other things," said Illana Tate, TBI.

43 individuals were indicted on Monday by the Bledsoe Grand Jury and police picked up 29 of them on Wednesday, all with drug related charges.

It's all in hopes to end a growing problem in Tennessee.
Tate says these round ups won't rid the state of the entire problem, but will help make a dent.

"From time to time you do need to go in and do a sweep in order to target those buyers just to kind of say, we're here, you don't need to be buying this," said Tate. "Drug usage will occur will continue to occur and it's just a matter of trying to keep the levels down."

However TBI isn't the only agency trying to put a stop to the growing drug problem.

Governor Haslam presented anti-meth legislation back in January. Two different versions of it are now floating through both the house and the senate to effort against meth use.

"It's definitely an issue and a problem and all local and state law enforcement are doing everything they can to put a thumb on that," said Tate.

Those arrested are all being held at the Bledsoe County jail on various bonds and drug charges.