As a pastor, Father Nathan Brooks often visits and prays with criminals. But for the last three months, it's been his best friend Richard Manning.

"I administered the last rites to him and that was probably the hardest thing I've ever done," said Father Nathan Brooks.

"He had no animosity toward that family. That he grieved for the family of this young man," Brooks said. "This is not a road rage perpetrator. This is a Christian person who served and protected this community for all those years."

Brooks said his friend was a "good Christian," a former police officer and a public servant. Police charged him with Criminal Homicide in Norman Gallman's death but Brooks said we're not getting the full story. The case will soon be dismissed without any trial. Manning was too sick to ever face a judge. Brooks said he was in remission for prostate cancer and bed-ridden at Erlanger.

Manning was charged with criminal homicide and aggravated assault after police say on December 17, 2013 he shot and killed the 39-year-old Gallman after an apparent road rage incident.

Days after the shooting, Manning suffered a stroke, complicating his health issues of cancer and diabetes.

Hamilton County Spokeswoman Janice Atkinson confirmed Manning's death to Channel 3 Wednesday night.

"It's a no win for anybody. Cost to citizens, cost in terms of lives, it's a bad situation all together," said Sheriff Jim Hammond.

Sheriff Hammond said it cost more than $380 a day, plus benefits, to pay for three rotating Hamilton County Sheriff's Deputies to guard Manning's hospital room. Three months later, he estimates it cost taxpayers $50,000 to guard the accused criminal.

"If you are in our jail and being held for trial or held for transfer to the penitentiary, you are under the custody of the county and the custody of the sheriff and the county is responsible so we must keep guards with them if they're going to be hospitalized for one day, 10 days, or 100 days," Sheriff Hammond said.

Sheriff Hammond, who once worked with Manning, said it was a costly crime for everyone and emotionally taxing for two families.

"I think Mr. Gallman and Rick are rejoicing in heaven. They're free," said Brooks.

The DA's office told Channel 3 it will present the judge with a death certificate and the case will then be dismissed by abatement due to death.