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Unsolved murder victim's loved one wants answers from police

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Every day that passes without answers is unbearable for some murder victims' loved ones. One Chattanooga mother wants to see more done to get justice for her son's father.

It's been nearly four months since Chattanooga has had a police chief, and some of those in the community, like Sherrica Stallion, said a lack of leadership is being felt.

"We hear gunshots or police sirens every day, something going on or somebody getting hurt," said Stallion, who lives with her children in East Lake Courts.

She said violence hits close to home all the time, but it changed her life two months ago. Her son's father, 23-year-old Charles Allen Jones, was shot and killed on the afternoon February 1 while walking down the 200 block of Fagan St. in Chattanooga.

Stallion said she wants to see more law enforcement leadership.

"Not having a chief over the police department, I feel like a lot of us young folks feel like we can do what we want to do," she said.

But experts say that's not the case.

"Even absent of an administration right now, the homicide unit, cold case unit and all the investigations are working just like they did with a chief in place," said former assistant chief of police, Tim Carroll.

"I don't think anybody would know the difference if there hadn't been an announcement that the chief of police and staff were going to retire," said Carroll.

With more than two dozen shootings in the city this year, including six shooting deaths, investigators must balance the work, he said.

"They're not only working homicides, they're working sexual assaults, kidnappings, aggravated assaults, and all these shootings, too."

But for Stallion and her son, closure won't come until justice does. And that starts with an arrest.

"[Charles] isn't here anymore, and that was our support system," she said.

While the department has had an interim chief, the search for a permanent one is still under way. Mayor Andy Berke is expected to select a finalist in May.

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