As we welcome our brand new Channel 3 news set, some local teens are welcoming our old one as they prepare for future careers as journalists.

The Channel 3 studio underwent a floor to ceiling makeover. As crews cleared out the 1998 news set, it made the trip to Brainerd High School where around 30 students are using it to transform their Panther-Vision studio.

They're on the air, producing their own stories and presenting them to the whole school.

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"Be on camera, do something different, going out and sharing stories about your community or school," student Christian Sinclair said.

"When I told the kids Channel 3 was donating all this great equipment at first they were like 'yeah right Ms. Donna,' but when it got here that Monday morning I had students not even in broadcasting class stop by to see what we had. They were like 'is this where Cindy sits, is this where David sits,'" broadcasting teacher Donna Elle said.

Before receiving Channel 3's former set, they were broadcasting from regular schools desks. Now they have an anchor desk, interview set, additional lighting and green screens for weather forecasts and graphic backgrounds.

"It's way better than the old set we had. It compliments the green screen better, it looks better overall, and it just makes everything feel like a real news set," student Marquist Kirby said.

"I love it. I was like this is real," student Jaleyah Clark said.

To prepare for the newscasts, students shoot interviews, write scripts and edit their own video. Some present the stories on camera, while others take on the technical side behind the scenes. Several have decided to pursue this as a career after high school.

"It's actually going to be my major in college, what I want to study," Sinclair said.

"Ever since I took this class I was like man, I can go far with this," student Kadarius Scott said.

Right now, BHSTV is presenting newscasts to the school twice a week, but hope to expand it to every week day soon.