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10 local businesses fail compliance checks

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On Tuesday, March 25, 2014, The Chattanooga Police Regulatory Bureau, the Hamilton County Coalition and The Tennessee Alcohol Beverage Commission conducted compliance checks at several area businesses.

Eighteen businesses were checked and 10 businesses sold alcohol to an under aged buyer.

The establishments that sold to the under age buyer were cited and will appear before the Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission.


Businesses that failed the check:

Triple T's                               2801 Dodson Ave (Beer)

Sandy's Liquor                     2410 Glass St (Liquor)

C&S Market                           1520 Dodson Ave (Beer)

Big K Liquor                         909 Dodson (Liquor)

Big K Market                        909 Dodson Ave (Beer)

Citgo                                       5901 Lee Hwy (Beer)

Happy Mart                           5701 Brainerd Rd, #125 (Beer)

Lamplight                             5032 Brainerd Rd (Liquor)

Frank's Place                       601 Tunnel Blvd (Beer)

Kankus                                  3440 Wilcox Blvd (Beer).


Businesses that passed:

Sunnytown Supermarket                            2300 Dodson Ave

Delta Express                                                 3410 Brainerd Rd

ABC Liquor – and - ABC Party Store        3948 Brainerd Rd

Kankus                                                            101 Glenwood Dr.

Island Point Liquor                                      5987 Brainerd Rd

Midnight Mart                                               3441 Wilcox Blvd

Fast Stop                                                         2285 Wilcox Blvd.

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