Emergency crews responded to the Chattanooga airport Tuesday morning for a full scale fire drill.

Tuesday's scenario was a plane flying from Detroit to Atlanta that experienced turbulence and an engine fire. The scenario states the plane landed at Chattanooga where 40 passengers and three crew members on board required medical attention.

Emergency crews set up a triage to help those "injured." Actors were played by members of the 2014 Chattanooga Fire Academy.

"If unfortunately something does happen here, we're better prepared to respond to an emergency here," said Chattanooga Fire Department Spokesperson Bruce Garner. "You are reminded when you see missing airplanes, crashed helicopters across the world, it can happen anywhere at anytime and it's our job to be ready."

The FAA requires a test of this magnitude be held every three years with a tabletop review of emergency procedures annually.

"It was chaotic but it was controlled chaos," said Airport Vice President of Operations Maurice Songy. "And all the agencies worked together really well. I think it worked out well."

Multiple agencies participated in the drill that began at 2:45 a.m.