19-year-old Quientis Bonner is in critical condition at Erlanger after a car hit him while walking down Workman Ave Friday afternoon.  Before this tragic accident, the victim's mother, grandmother and the Alton Park Development Corporation say, they notified city leaders numerous times letting them know how dangerous the busy road is without speed bumps or sidewalks for pedestrians. They say, nothing is being down about it.

District 7 city Councilman Chris Anderson says, he's been trying to do something and voted to double the budget for sidewalks in the city of Chattanooga.

He said, "I committed to making sure we do whatever we can to prevent accidents like this in the future."

Mayor Andy Beke's office also released a statement saying, "Councilman Anderson brought the safety issues surrounding Workman Road to our attention several months ago. Since then, the Councilman has met with members of our Administration several times to discuss this specific area. The Transportation department is working to incorporate the addition of sidewalks to the paving of Workman Road before the upcoming fiscal year and with budgetary factors in mind. We will continue to look at ways to make Workman Road, as well as all streets throughout our city, safe for our citizens."