Three suspects believed to be involved in a double shooting over the weekend are in custody. The alleged shooter was captured around 4:30 Monday afternoon in Marietta, Georgia. He has been identified as 20-year-old Orlando Ramirez.

Police say he is responsible for fatally shooting one man and injuring another early Sunday morning at the Las Delicias Bar in Dalton. Police say the altercation began after the suspect was denied entry into the nightclub, because he was underage.

"It's painful any time you have a loss like this," says Mark Stockard, friend of Bruno Rodriguez.

A makeshift memorial sits in the parking lot at Las Delicias Bar in Dalton, where police say 28-year-old Bruno Rodriguez was shot early Sunday morning. Investigators say 20-year-old Orlando Ramirez pulled the trigger.

"He's 20 years old so he was denied entry by the security working the door checking Ids," says Bruce Frazier with the Dalton Police Department.

Police say Ramirez pulled a gun and shot a bouncer in the leg and that is when Bruno tried to tackle him.

"The other bouncer tackled him or tried to tackle him and missed. Orlando shot him in the head, then took another shot at the other bouncer who was running away at that point," says Frazier.

Ramirez jumped in a car with two friends and left. Authorities later arrested his two buddies, 20-year-old Juvencio Garcia and 21-year-old Fernando Resendiz, and charged them with homicide for helping Ramirez get away.

"He was family. He was not just an employee here," says Stockard.

Mark Stockard owns J&D Auto Sales, where Bruno worked as a salesman for several years.

"It's painful any time you have a loss like this."

He says Bruno was a hard worker and always had a smile.

"He took that job because he needed the extra money. He was trying to catch up his bills. And he worked two nights a week. You know, he worked two jobs. He worked two nights a week there to make extra money."

Family members have set up a memorial Facebook page in his honor. Many, including Stockard, are still in disbelief over the sudden loss.

"It's senseless. All because somebody couldn't get in a bar? They're 20 years old? It goes deeper than that."

Ramirez is a documented gang member, and goes by his street name, 'Smiley.' He was arrested by members of the U.S. Marshals' task force at an apartment complex in Marietta, Georgia.
"I think Bruno's death will be brought to justice. I really do," says Stockard.