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CSLA parents protest outside county courthouse for new building

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A quick walk through Chattanooga School for the Liberal Arts reveals parents concerns; the walls are cracking, the paint peeling, many of the windows don't shut leaving parts of the school open to the elements, and that's just scratching the surface of problems.

"Its deteriorating, its an old school, its deteriorating," says parent, Dana Clecker. "We're not handicap accessible, we have a parent who's in a wheelchair. She can't get to the third floor."

On Wednesday Hamilton County Commissioners will vote to approve a $48 million project that will help four schools in the district.

"This time the list was six, and it got bumped down to four and we got bumped off of it, which is the same story every time," Clecker says.

"We are not out here to take the opportunity from any other school, we're not out here to do that. We're out here to be a part of that," parent, Maria Ergle says.

Gary Waters overseas facility maintenance throughout the school district. "We probably have a good 20 schools that should be replaced now," he says.

Waters says he understands the frustration, after all CSLA has been on the list for a new building since 1999.

"They have been one of the few that's been left out," says Waters. "Unfortunately our county commission only has the ability to issue so many dollars and bonds in any given period of time."

Channel 3 wanted to know how a school can stay on the list year after year. "Needs change, priorities change, population shift across the county. We have enrollment issues that crop up from time to time, the growth in the eastern sector of the county has certainly been an issue," says Waters.

If the commission approves the funding on Wednesday Ganns Middle Valley and Falling Water Elementary will consolidate into a brand new school. Sale Creek, Wolftever Creek and Nolan Elementary will all get new additions.

Waters says CSLA is still a viable candidate, but he can't say when it might be funded.

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