An early morning fire has left one business in ashes.

Fire crews were dispatched to Granny's Smoke House in Dade County around 8:30 Sunday morning.

"We came in, started the day off as normal, then all of a sudden our customers started coming back in telling us the building next door was on fire," said Amanda Davis.

Davis works for the Dollar General, which was just a few feet away from the burning building.

She says they called 911 and evacuated.

"Basically there wasn't much more we could do but watch it burn," said Davis. "We were standing all the way over by the rocks over there and we could still feel the heat from all the way over there."

Davis says fire crews arrived quickly and battled the blaze at Granny's Smokehouse.

"We arrived on scene, established water supply and made entry into the structure," said Chris Lowrance, Assistant Fire Chief, North Dade Fire Department.

However, the fire had already gotten out of hand.

"The fire had a head start on us and we had to pull everybody out and go to defensive operations," said Lowrance.

Fire trucks lined up from surrounding departments providing back up in hopes to put out the hot flames.

"We had to call in other tankers because the fire hydrant wouldn't keep up with the amount of attack that we were trying to provide," said Lowrance.

Lowrance said no one was in the building during the fire.

The cause of the fire has not been determined at this time, Dade County is still investigating.