One local man says after spending months living on the streets he's now back on his feet and he's made it his mission to help those who have fallen on hard times.

About a dozen volunteers woke up early Saturday morning to help collect, cook and whip up a hot meal that hundreds of homeless people throughout Chattanooga enjoyed.

Michael Crist was one of many that appreciated the warm meal, after going all night without food and sleeping outdoors in the cold.

"It made me feel appreciative that someone cares for us," said Michael Crist.

Several local businesses, volunteers and the Chattanooga Area Food Bank Cares.  
They chipped in by donating the food, preparing and then serving it all morning in front of Peebles and East 11th across the street from Chattanooga's Community Kitchen.

"People actually care if you eat and if you have clothes on your back and shoes on your feet," said McClendon.

Everything used to make the breakfast - pots, pans, the chairs and tables - right down to the portable grill and hotdog stand were all donated.

After breakfast was served, the volunteers also passed out brown bags that were filled with another meal that could be eaten later

"People ask why do you do this and i say because someone loves you," said McClendon.

The organizer Michael McClendon says offering a helping hand was just what other community members did for him when he was homeless for 4 months.  

Michael and other volunteers that helped serve warm meals told Channel 3, reaching out to those less fortunate is food for their soul.

"We are blessed with what we have and just want to bless others," said McClendon.

If you would like to help Whatever It Takes Ministries by volunteering your time or giving food click here.