Logan Fairbanks' dad says he's always been the "big-hearted, big-brother type," and on Tuesday Logan learned that he'll soon become an actual big brother. A video camera was rolling when the 11-year-old got the news, and since then more than 100,000 have watched his adorable reaction.

Josh and Michelle Fairbanks, both 29, just found out that they're expecting their second child. The couple had Logan a month after they graduated high school, and they weren't sure whether they'd be able to have another child. But when they received the surprising and exciting news, they knew they wanted to share it with Logan in a fun way.

A photographer for eight years, Josh has experimented with creative ways to use video. He's helped a number of families in their small town of Hartford, Mich., to capture big moments like a pregnancy gender reveal or an engagement. When Josh found out Michelle was pregnant, he had a moment of realization. "This was finally my chance to do one for my family," he told TODAY.com.

When Logan got off the bus from school on Tuesday, Josh and Michelle had him read a list of his fun upcoming plans for the next few months, like going to a Detroit Tigers game, playing baseball and taking a family trip to Myrtle Beach. But the last item on the list was new. 

"There is one more thing I am going to do this year," he read aloud. "I am going to be a big brother." What followed was Logan's complete astonishment.

Josh wasn't sure what to expect when Logan got the news. "I thought it would sink in a little quicker," the happy dad told TODAY.com. "I thought he'd be ecstatic right away. But I think he was in the same mindset that it was probably not gonna happen, that he would be an only child. When he read that it took quite a little bit to sink in."

Logan is known for his kind and giving nature. A couple of years ago he tried giving his brand new iPod to a friend. When his parents asked him why, he said, "Because they don't have one and giving it to them would make me happier than having it." Sounds like he'll have no problem sharing the spotlight with his young sibling.

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