To bring the technology infrastructure of Hamilton County Schools up to speed, school officials say they must spend millions more annually to hire new teachers, administrators and technicians.

Altogether, a three-year technology plan released this week calls for eventually spending nearly $4 million more annually. That's a figure that doesn't include the price of new devices, but covers the salaries and benefits of new employees, as well as the cost of training.

The school board and the school system's IT department have been studying Hamilton County's outdated stock of computers, tablets and wireless networks since Superintendent Rick Smith announced an ambitious plan in December 2012 to put an iPad or other device into the hands of all the county's 42,000 students.

The district's new tech plan, discussed at a Thursday Board of Education committee meeting, lays out a three-year timeline for getting the county's employees and infrastructure ready to handle a mass influx of iPads, cellphones or laptops. Through July 2016, the plan calls for:

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