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Chattanooga hosts second Lookout Wild Film Festival

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This weekend hosts the second annual Lookout Wild Film Festival and this year's films won't disappoint.

"This year, just from the submission process we've been blown away by the quality, by the heart people are putting into the films this year," festival board member, Adam Johns says.

A couple years ago, film enthusiasts in Chattanooga began plans for a film festival. The question remained,should they bring a big one in from out of town or start new with a festival just for the Scenic City.

"Really with the whole Chattanooga spirit, entrepreneurship, that sort of thing we decided that Chattanooga needed one of these to our own," festival director, Andy Johns says.

Last year's festival had a great turnout, but what a difference a year can make. "This year the films that we're showing are really world class. Some of these have won at other big festivals," Andy says.

Festival board members spent the last year watching and choosing films from more than 120 submissions, from more than 30 different countries.

"We've got Austria, we got a group that went to Antarctica, got a guy from the Congo, just a really good mix from around the world," says Andy.

Local film makers weren't left out, a third of the festival films were made in the southeast. There's something for everyone, from the adrenaline junkie, to the thought provoking, to the triumph of the human spirit. If you're in the mood for a movie this weekend the Lookout Wild Film Festival is where you need to be.

"I really feel like that's why this festival resonates so well here, because it has that outdoor appeal, just seems what this town's about," Adam says.

To buy tickets or preview the films of the festival click here.

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