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Chattanooga Woodworking Academy builds replica of Hamilton County's first courthouse

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HAMILTON COUNTY, TN (Times Free Press) -

With an electric saw humming in the background, Bill Carney points at a rendering of a historical building that his students at the state's only woodworking school are trying to re-create.

There is no way of knowing the precise intricacies of the pre-Civil War courthouse that anchored the now-submerged Hamilton County town of Dallas, but a group of aspiring craftsmen at Chattanooga Woodworking Academy are building a replica anyway.

"We don't know exactly what it looks like because all the records were burned in a fire in 1910," said Carney, dressed in overalls and sporting a sharp grasp of area history. "We're just going on family records, and we think we've got a pretty good picture of what it is."

The Chattanooga Woodworking Academy is a nonprofit, four-year school that opened in December 2012. Though its objective is to train highly skilled carpenters, the means it utilizes to achieve that are perhaps more unusual than its purpose.

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