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Violence reduction Initiative hopes to combat crime

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The Chattanooga Violence Reduction Initiative is already receiving rave reviews from city leaders, officers and the first group of men currently on probation that were selected to hear about the new concepts designed to combat crime.

A closed meeting was held Thursday. Those that attended feel this plan could help bridge the gap between law enforcement and gang members.

The author of the concepts, David Kennedy helped launch the anti-violence plan in several other states across the US.

He believes, the initiative will also be successful in Chattanooga, once the word gets out resources will be available to those interested in turning their life around.

"Every single person stayed. Normally I see people slouching back and staring at the ceiling giving out the vibe that they would rather be somewhere else. This group of 25, were all ears."

At the end of the meeting, cards with the question "Ready for Change" were passed out.  They also have a local number printed on them.  This hotline is all part of the initiative to offer support.

GED counselors and job information will be a few of the options that will be offered.  The support line is: 423-485-1012.

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