Parkridge East Hospital is celebrating 40 years of service.
Dr. Bill Rowe says "We've covered a lot of territory."
He should know, forty years ago, Parkridge East Hospital opened as East Ridge Hospital after nearly six years of planning by a group of 10 businessmen including surgeon, Dr. William Rowe.
Jim Husky, Former Patient says "We were playing in the backyard, twisted my knee, got up came to the emergency room."
Jim Husky, an East Ridge Businessman was one of Dr. Rowe's first patients at the hospital 40 years ago.  
Jim Husky says "I think Dr. Rowe prescribed some therapy  and never had any more problems with my knee."
Jim says that was important not only for him, but also the entire community.   
A lot was different back then, the nurses wore traditional white uniforms, and medical technology wasn't anything like it is today, what is now out patient procedures, once required major surgery and lengthy hospital stays.       
Jarrett Millsaps, CEO Parkridge East Hospital says "Advancements in robotic surgery, basic surgery, additionally from women's services, advancements in neo natal capabilities."  
Mr Millsaps went on to say over the past several years, changes in the health care curve and health care laws have been steep,.. and while change can be difficult, he feels doctors and staff have adapted well, while not losing focus of why they're there"
Jarrett Millsaps says "We're trying to make sure that for our patients who come here that they are given a boutique feel."
But even with all the bells, whistles, medical advancements, and growth. Parkridge now has a total of four campuses throughout the area, Dr. Rowe says it is important for all those in the medical profession to keep this in mind.

Dr. Bill Rowe says "I think the main thing is to be kind, courteous, considerate to everyone and do the best you can to take care of them from a medical standpoint."
With that said Dr. Rowe says Parkridge East will be around to celebrate another 40 years.