Georgia lawmakers could soon make broad changes to the state's gun laws and some consider versions of this bill "the most extreme gun bill in America".  It would allow firearms in bars, churches, airports, and certain government buildings.

To what extent weapons should be permitted in such buildings is the issue addressed in two bills - both part of the "Safe Carry Protection Act".  That's currently pending in Georgia's State legislature.

The Senate version removes some of the House's provisions.  The main differences in the bills involve owners "opting" in to allow guns or having to "opt out" to not allow them.
Both bills would grant Georgians the right to bear arms in non-restricted areas of airports, such as ticketing counters and parking lots, raising mixed reaction from residents.

Rebecca Gifford, Georgia resident, "times have changed, these days people get desperate. I think if you're going to church it should be with family for worship; but I don't think it's a problem, of you had your gun just in case."

Cameron Mezuk, Georgia resident, "it's our right, but I don't think you need it at church, and to take it into a bar, that's just asking for trouble, I think."

The chambers will work on the differences in their legislation before the session ends on Thursday.