The guy we are looking for went to an awful lot of trouble for coins and, maybe, some ones. Just over a month ago, police say, he walked in to the coin laundry on Highway 58. He looks to be a middle-aged white male, wearing a blue jacket and jeans, toboggan, and glasses.

Surveillance video shows him size up a coin machine, formulates a plan, even reposition another security camera before he going to work.. in the bathroom behind the machine. "He actually breaks out the wall inside of that restroom to actually gain access to the coin machine," explained Chattanooga Police Sgt. Daniel Jones. "He's caused a whole lot more damage to the store than what he ever would have got out of quarters."

While a pocket full of quarters could buy a day's worth of arcade fun in the 80's, these days, that is just not so. Is this theft a result of opportunity or desperation? "Unfortunately," answered Sgt. Jones, "it's probably a little bit of both."

Regardless, the amount of damage he caused makes even the vandalism part of this crime a felony. "Just the repairs, alone, to the machine and to the wall," said Jones, "it's gonna push it above the threshold of $500."

Up to $1,000 is available if you can put the clues together with the pictures and help us identify this criminal. "And plus, if you go to get a fast food meal with this guy and he's paying all in quarters, that's probably our guy," Jones chuckled.

The pictures are pretty clear. If you know this guy, you have already recognized him. And all that could stand between you and reward cash is a phone call.

The Crime Stoppers hotline is: 698-3333

Remember, an officer may answer the phone or return your call, but he will never ask your identity.