A tepid reaction here on the campus of Dalton State College to the Georgia Board of Regents decision, to literally ban all tobacco products on all University of Georgia campuses statewide.
"I'm supportive of it , we've been tobacco free on this campus since fall of 2009," says Dalton State Vice-President of Student Services Jodi Johnson, who adds the newly adopted policy means little here on campus.

"The only change we will have is we currently allow students to smoke outside in designated areas in our residence halls and that would have to change next fall," says Johnson.
And at that designated smoking spot, we found not only pushback to the idea, but blowback as one smoker exhaled on the decision of regents.  "We're gonna find some way to do this, we're not going to be rebels and keep smoking here but we'll just go across the street
and find a new spot," says Dalton State student and smoker David Sherman.
"I think it's no one's place to tell us how to be healthy," chimes MaryAnn Taylor at the student smoking area.

But away from the smoke, a far different perspective. "I think it's great, it promotes health and wellness for everybody and as a nursing major I'm all for that," said Danielle Maples.

A sentiment shared by Kari Kelly. "There's a lot of people that have asthma and allergies, this is a place you're supposed to express yourself and not endanger other people," says Kelly.

Back at the smoking area, MaryAnn Taylor questions the motivation behind the tobacco ban. "You know if you want to raise a campaign for personal health and taking care of your body in every way, then by all means, I fully support that. But just banning things, its just more rules, more laws, more regulations which is exactly that, taking away more and more of our freedom."

The University of Georgia's tobacco ban is set to begin October 1st, and applies to all university events, including athletics.