Spring officially starts at 12:57pm eastern time, and most of us are ready to welcome in some warm weather after what seems to have been an unusually chilly winter.

I did a little digging, and it seems we have had some reason to experience cabin fever.

I looked up our temperatures for this winter and compared them to the averages, and this is where we stand...

For December, we saw 15 days below freezing.  The number of days for December with average lows below zero is 13.

The cold air really ramped up in January and February.  While every day in January has average lows below freezing, we realized sub-freezing temps 26 of those days.  12 days in January started out in the 20s, 8 in the teens, and we even had 5 days in single digits.

February has 7 days with average lows below freezing.  We actually had 15 days in which temps dropped below 32.  Eight of those were in the 20s.

A real way to see how much colder the overall weather was than normal is to look at daily average temperatures in which you take the morning low and average it with the afternoon high.  That allows us to take the entire temperature profile for the day into consideration rather than just the extremes.

For the month of December, the average temp was 45 degrees.  The normal average temp was 43.  In other words, the overall average temperature in December was 2 degrees WARMER than normal.

The cold air really started moving in January.  The average temperature  was only 34 degrees.  The normal average temperature is 40 degrees.  We waved a hearty goodbye to a cold January which sported average temps a chilly 6 degrees below average.

January was really this month that gave this winter its reputation for cold, but it was February which produced the most snow.  Even though the average temperature was exactly where it should be for February (44 degrees), we were still able to wring out 7.2" of snow during the month, capping off the view of this winter as a rough one.

March has been fairly typical with temps near the average normal of 52.  The problem with March has been lack of rainfall.  For the rainiest month of the year, we are not doing well.  We  more than an inch below our normal rainfall for the month, and about 3.5" short for the year.

So, no, it's not just you.  This has been a cold, snowy winter many will be glad to get rid of... until August when we are begging or the cold weather to return.      David Karnes