Hamilton County faces a difficult decision that most consumers understand: one of limited resources.

But several schools in the county desperately need repair, while others are overcrowded and the need for new schools persists.

Earlier this year, Hamilton County School Superintendent Rick Smith outlined his top six projects to the school board's Facilities Committee.

Hamilton County Mayor Jim Coppinger made recommendations Wednesday for which local schools should get funding for renovations and/or new buildings.

He said the following schools (in no particular order) should get funding from the county: Ganns Middle Valley Elementary & Falling Water Elementary (combine in one new building), Nolan Elementary (addition), Sale Creek Middle/High (addition), and Wolftever Creek Elementary (addition).

"This is a very emotional process because anytime somebody walks in with a list of 6 and says chose 4, people will be disappointed," Mayor Coppinger said.

The two schools left off his proposed list are CSLA and East Hamilton. CSLA has been on the replacement list since the late 90s but keeps getting cut. But their building is deteriorating and a new one would cost $40 million.

"To be pushed down the list every year is just very disappointing, it's very disappointing," said Sharon Morris. "I know they're making the best decisions that they feel is right but it doesn't help."

East Hamilton is overcrowded and in need of a new middle school but that, too, is another $40 million.

Superintendent Rick Smith told Channel 3 he was "encouraged" by the meeting.

"They appear to be very interested in growth in this county and what that might mean and schools are a part of that," he said.

School Year built Estimated Cost School Age # Portable Classrooms Current Student Population Current School Capacity Projected New Capacity Current Class- rooms

New Class- rooms

Bathrooms/ Fixtures New Cafeteria Multi- Purpose Room
New Ganns Middle Valley Elem.   $26 million   15 combined 790 combined 870 combined 980 42 combined 44 12/72 1 2
Old Ganns 1937   77 yrs 11 566 610   28        
Falling Water 1912   102 yrs 4 224 260   14        
Nolan Elem. 1999 $5 million 15 yrs 0 659 660 860 32 12 4/20 enlarge 1
Sale Creek Middle/High 1964 $12 million 50 yrs 10 550 550 650 26 14* 4/24 1 incl kitchen 0
Additions in 1973 & 2002                        
Wolftever Elem. 1988 $5 million 26 yrs 0 434 610 890 31 14 4/24 0 1