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Chattanooga VW workers seek injunction in UAW case

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Lawyers for three Chattanooga Volkswagen workers who have sued the carmaker in federal court have asked for a preliminary injunction to prevent VW from providing organizing assistance to the United Auto Workers in the event of a revote.

"Obviously, the Volkswagen employees who filed this case hope first and foremost that their vote is not overturned as requested by UAW officials," said Patrick Semmens of the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation. "But in the event that the NLRB does throw out the results of the vote, a preliminary injunction would help ensure a more level playing field during a rerun."

Court papers said the workers want to keep Volkswagen from paying or delivering "organizing assistance, and things of value similar to the organizing assistance, to the UAW."

Last week, employees at the Chattanooga plant filed the lawsuit seeking to block what they called further collusion between the company and the UAW should the National Labor Relations Board order a new unionization election at VW's Chattanooga plant. Last month, the UAW lost an organizing bid at the plant by a 712-626 vote.

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