It's called the Madi Rogers 24-hour cold water challenge and residents in Grundy County have accepted the challenge by jumping into freezing water.

Dozens of videos are piling onto Facebook, challenging others to donate to a local toddler, so her family can afford a service dog.

"She is a pretty happy kid to be as sick as she is. She makes the best out of everything she can. Even on a bad day she is still smiling," said Courtney Rogers.

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Madilyn Rogers is nearly two and she suffers from juvenile diabetes.

While it may seem minor, her mother, Courtney says it's been scary for the family after the disease caused the toddler to have an 18 minute seizure in her sleep.

"She's scared to go to sleep. She fights sleep so bad now," said Courtney. "She will wake up anywhere from five to seven times a night."

The little girl isn't quite able to talk yet and her mother says there is a communication gap, which makes it hard for them to know when Madilyn is feeling ill.

"This dog will actually help communicate with us to let us know when she's feeling bad and we don't know it," said Courtney. "This dog is going to be able to detect whether or not her blood sugar is dropping or going up, 45 minutes before it does."

Courtney says she hopes this dog will bring comfort to Madilyn and give her peace of mind.
However, the dog comes with a hefty price tag, of $18,000.

Courtney says they're halfway there, but are coming up short for the rest.

That's where the community is stepping in.     

"I just want to thank everyone that's come together, because without them, she wouldn't be getting this dog," said Courtney.

"After hearing all of the challenges, I'm hoping this family is blessed beyond measure," said Wendy Tipton.

So far the group has raised $4,000.