A local golf course is welcoming two baby bald eagles that were born over the weekend. These "eaglets" are getting a lot of attention, thanks to a live Eagle Cam. People across the world are getting to know them, right inside of the nest.

Golfers swing under the nest on the back nine of Bear Trace in Harrison, about 70 feet above the 10th hole.

"We've got two eaglets," said the course's commissioner, Paul Carter.

The baby bald eaglets, HB5 and HB6, are just a few inches big and weigh in at less than a pound.

"They're siblings, they're playing. They're bonking and picking and biting each other," Carter said.

Thanks to Harrison Bay's special Eagle Cam, Carter said people are getting a 'bird's eye view' of the nest from across the globe.

"People chatting from Sweden last night, from Australia, people all over the United States."

The eaglets' parents made their nest in the same tree about four years ago. Carter said the Eagle Cam project has been a way to show how golf courses can be an environmental habitat.

It's giving golfers a unique view, too.

"Just out playing, and seeing the eagles fly overhead -- it's spectacular," said Robin Boyer.

It will take five years before the eaglets reach maturity, grow their white heads and tails, and go off to find a mate and a new nest.

The golf course will begin offering Eagle Tours next month -- but the best view of the nest can be found online. To watch a live stream of the Harrison Bay Eagle Cam, click here.