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Red Bank residents rally against rezoning


It's a battle of the zoning as Red Bank residents go against a local developer, in hopes to keep their street from gaining more traffic.

The Planning Commission denied the rezoning request for the two acres off Ashmore Avenue back in January.

It is set to go before the City Commission this week.

Residents of Ashmore Avenue are teaming up to fight against the possible re-zoning of two acres of land in Red Bank.

If changed from R1 to R3, the two acres is set to become the driveway to a proposed apartment complex.

A complex the residents don't want.

"I don't think we need more apartments even in red bank but especially here where they're wanting to put them because of the traffic problems," said Celia Hill.

The traffic problems are echoed throughout the group and they say the added cars on their streets from the complex could be catastrophic.

"Through that driveway and the so-called planned apartments will just destroy our neighborhood," said James Webster. "First of all Ashmore will not survive, the heavy trucks, the dump trucks, it will have to be redone at some point."

Developer Jay Bell was not in town for a formal interview, but told me over the phone they have taken the concerns of the residents seriously and hired the Chattanooga Engineering Group to perform a study on the roads.

He says the study concluded the traffic would have little effect on the roads.

However, James Webster disagrees.

"Ashmore can't handle any more traffic now. It's already slid down the hill once last year and it took five months to repair and there are other areas that are going to go at any minute," said Webster.

Bell told Channel 3 he feels confident going into the meeting on Tuesday night; and so do the residents.

"Who knows anything can happen, just like any given Sunday and an NFL game, anything can happen," said Webster.

Bell says regardless of the decision to rezone the land, they will build an apartment complex on the 14 acres already zoned R3.

The Red Bank Commission meeting will be held at the Red Bank City Hall on Tuesday the 18th at 7 p.m..

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