"I'm not going to see him again. I saw him the night before and said, I will see you later, not knowing I was never going to see him again," said Amanda Tyler, Victim's friend.

It was an emotional Sunday afternoon for the 300 close friends and family members that attended the murdered gas station attendant, Dahyabhai Chaudhari's funeral service in Dalton.

"I feel like I lost my best friend, I worked with him everyday, 6 -7 days a week," said Tyler.

One by one, it was time to say their final goodbye. Flowers, pictures and sentimental items were placed inside his coffin.

"They prayed over him. They walked around and put flowers down on him that were bright red and yellow," said Joni Muenzel, Victims friend. 

Everyone circled his coffin, prayed and then a select few helped carry him outside, where his family says, will be the last stop before his body is cremated. 

"It was beautiful. It was touching the way they spoke throughout the funeral it was an experience I will never forget," said Muenzel.

Before the hour long service ended, many walked up to the podium and shared what they will remember most about their friend, DK.

"He was always smiling and he never met a stranger that he didn't greet. He had a conversation with everyone," said Tyler.

"He was always smiling. He had a smile on his face. If he didn't have change he would always say no problem," said Muenzel.

His friends and family say he was such a sweet loving man and will now hope justice is served to the person named Skyy Mims the aspiring actress and model they believe is responsible for taking his life.