A local church congregation joined a national movement Sunday in a stand against gun violence.

Olivet Baptist Church was just one of thousands of churches across the country participating in the 'Live Free Sabbath.' Members say they are committed to making Chattanooga a safer place.

"Let's stop the killing. Let's stop the mass incarceration," says Olivet Baptist Church Pastor Kevin Adams.

Adams says his church is taking a stand with others across the nation on reducing gun violence.

"We've got to address this whole issue of how easy it is for people to get guns," he says.

Olivet Baptist is just one of many participating in the campaign organized by the PICO National Network. PICO stands for 'People Improving Communities through Organizing.' Adams says Chattanooga faces challenges that many other communities face.

"A lot of black on black crime in a lot of poverty-stricken areas. We see just constant retaliation, senseless murdering."

He and other church members want to let the community know, it has an ally in making city streets safer.

"Well, it's very important because the community needs to know that the church is involved and the church cares about the issues that they care about," says church member Kelvin Scott.

The church wants people to know they can turn to the body of faith for help and healing.

"I would hope that we could all get together to work together," says Anna Mitchell.

"It could keep them off the street, keep them from doing drugs so they won't be in jail or they won't die," says member Malik Coleman.

"Let's promote family and family values and life instead of this killing and this destructive path," says Pastor Adams.

Adams says the church provides a variety of ministries to the community. For more information, click here.