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Cleveland runners finalize plans for 1,075 mile run

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April 12th is the big day that a group of local runners who are preparing for a race that will take them from Cleveland, Tennessee to Boston, Massachusetts just in time for the Boston marathon.

Hours and hours have been poured into the preparation for Run Now Relay as the team gears up to run 1,075 miles.

But the physical training isn't the only thing they're working on, it's the behind the scenes that will make the relay come together.

"Well naturally you start at point a and finish at point B and that's the easy part, how you get between those two points is really important," said Tim Spires, Logistics Coordinator.

With nearly 30 runners to keep up with, Spires says it gets a little tricky planning out their every move.

"How you coordinate the activities of 26 runners and the support team that's with them to be where they need to be when they are," said Spires. "I found this process to be a lot like peeling an onion and every time I thought I had it all figured out, I'd find something else that I'd need to figure out."

He says they will primarily be running on Lee Hwy, until reaching Washington D., making a few appearances along the way, passing through 72 different cities.  

He says each group will run 36 miles consecutively, before getting a nearly 20 hour break to rest up and then do it again.

"We will have roughly 5 vehicles shuttling runners to run or points of interest, taking them somewhere to sleep," said Spires.

They tell me they've had lot of support from the community, providing food, water and even cars for the journey.

"It's been pretty unbelievable how many people have offered our support without us asking," said Ivey Lawrence.

But while they hope the experience is fun, they have one goal to complete, to raise $50,000 for those affected by the Boston bombings.

"Even if we only collect enough money to provide a prosthetic leg for one kid, that's awesome," said Lawrence.

The group is supporting two charities during their run. Click on the name of the charity to learn more about it.
Dream Big

One Step Ahead

If you'd like find out how you can Run Now Relay meet their goal, click here.

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