CHATTANOOGA (WRCB) – Roy Dye from Harrison TN, a 37 year veteran of fishing the Chattanooga Bass Association tournaments and  partner Drew Tompkins topped the field of 90 boats catching a 5 bass limit weighing 32.09 pounds to win first place and $2,000.00 in the Coca Cola Open CBA March Bass Tournament. This tournament was held Saturday, March 15th out of Chester Frost Boat Ramp. 

Roy said "We caught one on the first cast and by 8:30 a.m. had well over 24 lbs. We continued to catch fish and cull all day long. We must have caught 20 keepers".

The duo of Teddy Owensby and Brad Ferguson had big fish of the tournament with a super giant large mouth that weighed 10.67 pounds good for 2 Denali rods and $100.

Second big bass of the tournament was a 9.03 large mouth that was caught by the team of Justin Whaley and Ivan Miller.

David Crider and Zack Crider won the highest finishing new team award and Jeff and Josh Reed were the highest finishers in the youth division.

The next C.B.A. event will be April 12th out of Chester Frost Park.

The top 15 are as follows:
1.Roy Dye and Drew Tompkins, 32.09 lbs., $2,000.00
2.Brad Ferguson and Teddy Owensby, 27.13 lbs., $900.00
3.Daniel Morgan and Greg Shaver, 27.03 lbs., $750.00
4.Rogie Brown and Cary Dotson, 25.57 lbs., $700.00
5.Wes Hardin and Jason Cook, 23.47 lbs, $600.00
6.Jamie Copenhaver and Adam Dysart, 22.67 lbs., $500.00
7.Tracy Penny and Brian Spangler, 22.21 lbs., $400.00
8.Casey Whitehead and John Cochran, 21.80 lbs., $350.00
9.Justin Whaley and Ivan Miller, 21.73 lbs., $300.00
10.Brian Wilson and Tom Brindle, 21.41 lbs., $300.00
11.Ben Hayes and Brent Hayes, 20.86 lbs., $250.00
12.Mike Looney and Chris Grant, 20.83 lbs., $200.00
13. Ryan Wilkes and Randy Wilkes, 20.81 lbs., $200.00
14.Jeff Reed and Josh Reed, 20.75 lbs., $150.00
15.Josh Wofford, 20.72 lbs., $150.00 

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