Community members want others to be on the look-out for a person they say is targeting the elderly by going door to door in East Brainerd and Chattanooga asking for money. 

Deanna Cabble says, she fell victim to Valerie Reed when she approached her, saying she needed a ride. When they started driving just a few blocks down the road the grandmother of two quickly realized she made a bad decision letting a stranger in her car.  Deanna says, Valerie started screaming at her and demanding rides to random locations. When she finally stopped the car, Valerie jumped out and took off running.

Over a handful of these incidents were reported to the East Ridge Police and Chattanooga Police Department. The most recent ones were near Jenkins, Gram Road and Cannondale Loop in Chattanooga.  There are over a dozen other incidents posted on Facebook under the watch group called "Brainerd / E. Brainerd Neighbors."

Another alleged victim says, Valerie Reed appears to be in her mid-40's to 50's and has been seen driving around with a male passenger in a Grand Marquis or a Ford model vehicle.  She said Valerie asked for money and was extremely mean when the answer was no. 

CPD is investigating a few reports filed. They are encouraging anyone with information about Valerie Reed's whereabouts to call Crime Stoppers. (423) 698-3333