Zeke the zebra hopped a fence at Ronald Price's farm back in December and has been spotted several times since then, but it wasn't until earlier this month that Price's striped friend returned home. Price was in Texas when he received a call that Zeke was back at his home near Cleveland.

"Oh, yeah! He'd been gone for about three and a half months, so I was quite excited about him getting back to the farm," says Price.

Thankfully Zeke was just like his old self and behaving normally. He wasn't injured and hadn't appeared to lose any weight due to starvation.

"He was fine, fat, and you couldn't tell he had been off the farm," says Price. "He'd just been in the woods eating like a deer."

Zeke simply had been wandering Bradley County, but each time there was a sighting the eyewitnesses couldn't get him to the ranch.

At the time of his capture Zeke wasn't too far away--rounded up just six and half miles from home.

Price says his neighbor Steve Morrison and son, Shane, spotted Zeke near Valley View Elementary School and were able to get him back to the property.

"They got him into a pasture, then to a lot, then into a little corral area where they finally got him into a trailer," explains Price.

Back to mingle among his friends on the farm. Price has steer, a camel, and other creatures on his land.

Price says that without the community rallying for the safe return of Zeke, he might still be on the loose and being missed.

"I would like to thank the Sheriff's Department and all the neighbors that have assisted and took pictures, put them on Facebook of Zeke," adds Price.