Woodstation Elementary has won all the categories in grades 1-5 in Catoosa County for the Young Georgia Authors Competition. 

The third - fifth grade entries will be sent on for the regional judging. 

 Grade                    Student                            Title

First Grade -           Emberli McDade -          "All About Cooking"
Second Grade -       Rhett McDonald -           "Henry Finds the Aliens"
Third Grade -          Luke Harold -                 "Manatees"
Fourth Grade -        Elise Hayen -                  "Free"
Fifth Grade -           Jonathan Washburn -      "The White Rose"

According to the Georgia Department of Education, the purposes of the Young Georgia Authors' Writing Competition are: 

1. to encourage students to develop writing that represents their best efforts, 
2. provide a context for schools to support and celebrate the writing successes of all students and 
3. to encourage and recognize student achievement in writing throughout Georgia.

Entries may be short stories, poetry, essays, journals, personal narratives, reports, or any other original student writing. All students currently enrolled in Georgia public schools, kindergarten through twelfth grade, may submit writing entries for the system level competition; however, the maximum number of writing entries any local system may submit to the state competition is one per grade level.