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A beloved pet injured in a carjacking receives therapy

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Ron Reynolds remembers October 9th like yesterday.  His car was totaled after a man pushed him to the ground, knocked out his cochlear implant and took off with his 12-year-old dog, 'Widdle,' still inside.

Reynolds still can't believe Widdle survived the crash, "just so much total relief that they found him, one, and two, he was alive."

But after taking Widdle to the vet, the outlook wasn't good.  The veterinarian told Reynolds that Widdle had sustained a serious spinal injury and had no bowel or bladder control, no use of his rear legs and probably never would.

That's when Ron turned to Cassy Englert a certified K-9 rehab practitioner.  "He'll get up and he'll go and he doesn't really care if he can walk or not. I care if he can walk or not."
Twice a week, Widdle undergoes a variety of therapies.  Cassy and Widdle have been working on different modalities on the spine, to hopefully encourage some healing and some strength and function in his back legs.

When Englert heard Widdle's story, she knew she had to help.  With money an issue, she's providing her services at a minimal cost to Ron.

Part of Widdle's treatment includes a leg workout in an underwater treadmill.  The water takes about 60 percent of the weight off his legs. so, he's a lot lighter.  Cassy says it's such a joy to see his improvement, "Widdle's getting stronger at moving his back legs, " and looks forward to their sessions every week.

For Ron, there was no question in doing whatever it takes to get his best friend better. "When you've had someone or a pet involved in your life for so long, every pet owner knows how attached both of you become."

Widdle's therapist says she may start doing acupuncture, to help with his recovery.  

After the crash, the carjacking suspect, George Boshears, was arrested and charged with robbery.
He's set to appear in court in April.

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