The governor has awarded multiple Tennessee businesses with grants for job training.

Governor Bill Haslam and Tennessee Department of Labor & Workforce Development Commissioner Burns Phillips have awarded grants to businesses Hamilton and Marion County.

Lodge Manufacturing in South Pittsburg has received a $25,000 grant which will provide 23 employees with training in casting defect analysis, robot training, inventory management, and import/export purchasing.

Gold Bond Inc. in Hixson has received a $23,850 which will provide 16 employees with Lean Training and Spin 2.0.

"In 2014, we will give $750,000 to 37 companies throughout the state," said Commissioner Phillips.  "As a result 1,316 workers will benefit from the training these grants are providing."

More than 650 businesses have benefited from the Incumbent Worker Training grants since its inception.

"Incumbent worker grants provide critical training and education to employees across the state in the continued effort to have a workforce that meets current marketplace demands," said Governor Haslam.