What Jimmy Kidd thought would be a routine trip to the doctor's office changed his life.

Kidd, a cancer survivor says "You're taken back, you think what can I do, what should I have done, what can I do better, then you pray a lot."

Back in December of 2012, Jimmy was diagnosed with colon cancer.

"I was having a physical every year and I thought I was fine. I figured , I didn't need a screening, but figured out that I did," Kidd said.

That is the mindset that Dr. Shauna Lorenzo Rivero says she is trying to change.

Dr. Shauna Lorenzo Rivero says "We are in the lowest quartile for screening which means we have one of the highest rates of colon cancer in the entire U.S."

From the time the first abnormal cells start to grow into polyps, it usually takes about 10-15 years for them to develop into cancer.

 But you can stop it, before it gets to that point.   Dr. Lorenzo says the most frustrating part of all of this.... is that colon cancer is 100% preventable with a simple test.

Dr. Shauna Lorenzo Rivero says "Really you need to take it into your own hands, which is at the age of 50, you need a colonoscopy."

In addition to being screened starting at age 50, you can also lower your risk by ...
-increasing physical activity
-limit your intake of red meats
-eat more fruits and vegetables
-avoid obesity and weight gain around the mid-section

For Jimmy, he says the diagnosis of colon cancer definitely put things in perspective.

Jimmy Kidd says "You appreciate things more, you really think about how short life really is."

He hopes his story serves as a wake up call for others to get screened