UPDATE: Investigators have made a second arrest in the car fire reported Wednesday.

A car was set on fire during a domestic squabble between Daryl Powell and Tricia Tigner.

Beforehand, Tigner is said to have gathered Powell's clothes Tuesday, March 11, carried them to the back yard, and set them on fire.

A news release from the Chattanooga Fire Department states that Tigner told the investigator that she wanted Powell to know what it felt like to lose some of his belongings.

Powell set Tigner's car on fire the next day, and was subsequently arrested later that day, charged with setting fire to personal property.

Tigner was arrested Friday morning, and was also charged with setting fire to personal property.



PREVIOUS STORY: A Chattanooga man has been arrested for setting a car on fire. 

Chattanooga firefighters responded to the call just before 7:00 a.m. Wednesday on Shaw Avenue.

The car was a total loss, but it didn't take long for the fire investigators to determine that the fire was deliberately set.

After a brief investigation, the investigators asked for help from the Chattanooga Police Department to search for a suspect, identified as Daryl Powell. 

Powell was found a few hours later on the street, walking to a relative's house.  He confessed to starting the fire, was taken into custody and charged with setting fire to personal property. A fire official says Powell's motive for burning up the car was linked to a domestic dispute with a relative.