UPDATE: Crime Stoppers made quick work of identifying, locating, and arresting a robbery suspect in Northwest Georgia. Pictures and video were featured on Eyewitness News at 6 & 11 on Wednesday showing a man authorities say robbed four convenience stores in 17 days. Less than 24 hours later, thanks to a viewer's tip, Brandon David McClain is in custody in Catoosa County. Capt. Chris Lyons of the Sheriff's Office tells us he is currently charged  with two counts each of robbery and parole violation. Fort Oglethorpe and Rossville Police will likely press charges, next, for robberies at stores in their jurisdictions.

Convenience store clerks in North Georgia are getting sick and tired of one particular individual. He has held up four of their stores in 17 days. It is time for you to help authorities put a stop to his crime spree before he hits number five.

"We're not asking anyone to confront this individual and risk being hurt," said Catoosa County Sheriff Gary Sisk. He is right. As a matter of fact, what we are asking you could oblige from the comfort and safety of your living room. We need our suspects identity or location, or any piece of information you may know about him or these crimes.

He has been busy over the last couple of weeks. At the Mapco and the Kangaroo, both on Cloud Springs Road in Fort Oglethorpe, he asked for lottery tickets, then snatched them from the clerk and ran off without paying.

At the Mega Star convenience store in Catoosa County, things got a little more personal. "The one that happened in the county," Sheriff Sisk explained, "he actually approached the clerk outside the store when she was leaving. And with that one, she gave him all of her money, then he fled the scene."

Have a good look at the surveillance pictures. He is a black male, and he is usually wearing a hat of some sort. At the Kangaroo, it was gold or tan in color. At another store, tan with two stripes. with more than once. The sheriff says he gets away in a 4-door sedan. "There's no necessary pattern across the days, as far as, every Wednesday, Thursday, or anything like that," he added, "but it does seem like a regular pattern for him."

The bad guy's targets in Rossville, Fort Oglethorpe, and in Catoosa County, tell Sheriff Sisk he may be a local, possibly popping across the state line from Tennessee to commit his crimes.

One thing is for certain: if you know this guy, if he is even less than an acquaintance, you have surely recognized him by now. "We've gotten a lot of good video from stores on incidents that occurred there and, hopefully, some of your viewers can help us," Sheriff Sisk said.

We hope these remarkably clear pictures and up to $1,000 cash reward for the right tip will move someone to call Crime Stoppers: 423-698-3333

Remember, a police officer may answer the phone, but he will never ask your identity.