Big Ridge Elementary students have just returned from Rock Eagle for an environmental and social studies field study.  Students from the school have been going since 1979 when Big Ridge's first Principal, Amanda Cate, started the trip.  Teachers are now taking the children of those first students.
The trip has continued to evolve and improve over the years.  Longtime teacher Ronald Boston said, "Some of the cabins are exactly the same as that first trip in 1979.  When we stay in them we really have a lot of good memories. I just completed my 28th trip to Rock Eagle." 

Rock Eagle is located near Eatonton, Georgia.  It is an environmental education center.  Its purpose is to teach an appreciation, understanding, and awareness of the natural community while studying and interacting with the surrounding world.  Underlying the trip is the belief that learning is not limited to the classroom, learning is also found in the world around us.

This is a rigorous, academic field study, with journal writing, nightly group meetings, and to teach some of the social studies and science classes.  Rock Eagle also has excellent, highly qualified teachers who teach some of the classes. 

It is a beautiful campus in a pine forest biome with its own private lake.  Rock Eagle is named after the prehistoric eagle which was constructed of rock. 

This year's trip included these classes: forest ecology, lake ecology, watershed studies (stream ecology), prehistoric cultures, Native American studies, cemetery studies, pioneer life, historical archeology, ecosystems, sensory awareness, challenge course, bats, canoeing and much more.  On the canoeing trip, the students got a canoeing lesson from the Big Ridge teachers and paddled a short distance into a wetland area to study the ecology of a swamp.

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