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ONLY ON 3: How Skyy Mims spent her time on the run

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DALTON, GA (WRCB) - Developments continue to unfold in the murder of a North Georgia convenience store clerk. The story continues to gain attention as investigators work to put together the pieces.

Just before midnight Sunday, police say 21-year-old Skyy Mims walked into the Kanku's Express off Airport Road in Dalton and stabbed the clerk to death. Mims left with cash and lottery tickets. After two days on the run, investigators located Mims at a home in Bartow County around 5 p.m. Tuesday

Officials with the US Marshals Service tell Channel 3 murder suspect Skyy Mims was found in a home on Springmont Drive in Cartersville.

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"Your mind gets to thinking what could've happened, how much danger they were in and didn't even realize it," neighbor Judy Padgett said.

Neighbor Judy Padgett says she wasn't the only one shocked to learn an accused killer was hiding out in the Hickory Springs subdivision, so were the people who opened their doors to her. Neighbors say a woman-- who didn't want to talk to us-- her grown daughter, and 12-year-old granddaughter live in the home.

"I know they could not have known what was going on. I mean there's just no way," she said.

Judy babysat the little girl while investigators questioned the women Tuesday night. The big question-- why was Skyy Mims, the woman police say stabbed a Dalton gas station clerk to death, staying there? Judy says one of the women's boyfriends knows her and asked if they'd take her in for a few days, because she was in the process of moving from Michigan.

"That's how Skyy ended up at their house. They were doing a favor for her boyfriend," Padgett said.

She says the little girl really took to the aspiring entertainer and they even went to see a movie together.

"She was talking about he to her friends about how much she liked her, just considered her a new friend. I guess somebody like that can put on an act like they're your friend whenever they want to be and just took advantage of them," Padgett said.

Investigators got a tip that she was staying there and set up surveillance. US Marshals say that's where they spotted the stolen Kia Soul Mims reportedly drove to and from the murder scene.

The Bartow County Drug Task Force worked with the Feds and GBI serve the homicide warrant inside the home Tuesday evening. That's when neighbors learned about the gruesome murder of Dalton gas station clerk, Dahyabhai Chaudhari.

"It could give you nightmares thinking about her living there with Martina because she's just a little kid," Padgett said.

Skyy Mims is in the Whitfield County Jail and the GBI also says the people letting her stay there did not know she was wanted.

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