Two days after the murder of a Dalton convenience store clerk, the crime scene has turned into a makeshift memorial.

"He liked everyone, always smiling, nice guy," said Surekha Chaudhary. "I miss him, I miss him."

Surekha Chaudhary remembers her co-worker and friend Dahyabhai "Dickey" Chaudhari, killed at the age of 37.

Chaudhary placed a picture of "Dickey" on the Kanku's counter, where customers leave flowers, cards, and money for Chaudhari's family.

Dustin West saw him every night.

"He's like 'okay, buddy, I know what you need, I see you tomorrow.' I came in the night before and he was like, 'I see you tomorrow, man' and I'm like 'okay, I'll see you tomorrow.' ... I guess not. We're not always made to be here for the next day," he said.

But in sorrow, there's solace. A stack of newspapers with the news of a suspected killer in jail are displayed and sold in the same store deputies found Chaudhari dead at midnight Sunday.

The GBI's lead investigator said there's still the question of "Why?" Why this night? Why this story? Why this clerk? Why did someone who turned 21 just 3 days prior, with only a speeding ticket on her record, allegedly kill Chaudhari? No definitive answers tonight.

Dickey is survived by a brother and sister who live in India. The Dalton Kanku's is collecting money for his family.