Emergency crews responded Wednesday morning to a scene of a fire near Browns Ferry and Patten Chapel Roads.

The fire started after workers struck and ruptured a natural gas line with construction equipment.

The workers were not injured, but the fire caused the nearby America's Best Value Inn and Suites to be evacuated. Browns Ferry Road was also closed.

Firefighters allowed the fire to continue to burn until technicians arrived to close off the gas line.

Putting the fire out before the gas feed is closed presents even more dangers, since the leaking gas is still flammable.

When the fire erupted, power lines to  Hood Van Lines were burned through, confronting firefighters with a second hazard.

Crews from EPB arrived to disconnect the power, with also cut power to several homes and public schools in Lookout Valley.

A news release from the Chattanooga Fire Department says power has now been restored along Browns Ferry Road.

A large truck and a backhoe were fully engulfed by the flames and appear to have been destroyed.