(KGW) - The story of "Lux" the 22-pound house cat has gone viral after the apparently ferocious feline went berserk in a Portland apartment, prompting his owners to call 911 for help.

During the 911 call, the cat can be heard screeching in the background as his owner, Lee Palmer, says in a panicked voice: "He's charging us. He's at our bedroom door."

The family had retreated into a bedroom, which is where Palmer made the 911 call.

"I kicked him in the rear and he just went off, over the edge," he told the 911 dispatcher. "We are not safe around the cat. We're trapped in the bedroom. He won't let us out of the door."

Palmer also said the cat had a "history of violence" and already scratched his 7-month-old baby. Officers arrived and used a dog snare to capture the cat before placing it in a crate.

The story spread around the world within hours, with people wondering what would happen to the cat next. Storify: Lux the Portland cat goes viral

Palmer said Tuesday the family was not giving up on Lux. They planned to get him medical attention and set up an appointment with a pet psychologist.

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