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Drivers want damaging potholes fixed

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Drivers say potholes have been causing some expensive damage to cars in Rhea County. Residents on Shut In Mountain said it's been a years-long problem, and the winter has only made it worse.

It's a rough 2.5 mile stretch on Shut In Gap Rd. near the Rhea/Bledsoe County line.

Kenneth Gibbs' drive is a bit bumpy.

"Right through here is some of the worse part," he said, cautiously driving along the rough patches of road.

"It's got worse over the winter," he said.

Spring City resident, Nancy Miller, said it's frustrating. She lives on Shut In Gap, right over the county line.

"I used to blow out tires from all the potholes," she said. "Spent at least six, seven, 800 dollars."

"One of the potholes has cost me over a thousand dollars," Ann Boling said, pointing out which wheel was bent in her brand new car.

An alternate route from her home leads to Pikeville, but Boling said she can't avoid the road into Spring City.

"This is our only true way to get to anywhere we want to go, to the hospitals, anywhere," Boling said.

"We contribute to Rhea County, we shop in Rhea County," but complaining residents property taxes don't go to Rhea County.

Tommy Snyder, Rhea County Highway Chief, told Channel 3 there are no homes with a Rhea County address on the stretch of bad road. Fixing it would cost up to $300,000 and eat up the entire year's budget, he said.

It's a rough answer for those like Gibbs, who said he can't avoid the drive.

"I'd just like to see something done."

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