The hunt continues for a young woman wanted for murder. A convenience store clerk was stabbed to death just before midnight, Monday, in Dalton.

Friends and customers say they still can not believe the violent murder happened. At the same time, they say they are very perplexed over who is accused of committing the crime.

"She didn't have to murder this man. This man would have given her whatever," says customer Jesse Welch.

Welch stops by Kanku's convenience store all the time and considered 37-year-old Dahyabhai Chaudmari, better known as Dicky, a friend. Welch, like others, is stunned to know a young woman, 21-year-old Skyy Mims, is accused of stabbing Dicky to death.

"It amazes me that it's a 21-year-old female," says Welch. "I've been on her Facebook page and I see all these posts dealing with religion. And it's like, how can you murder somebody? You're a religious person. How can you murder somebody?"

Mims is an aspiring model, actress, and singer from Detroit.  She has multiple social media accounts and multiple names: Skyy Raven Marie Mims. She also goes by 'Yo Skyy' or 'Gorgiee.' Her personal website says she is "a living legend waiting to be discovered."

"Usually females, if they are violent, or they do commit some type of homicide, it's usually with an intimate partner or someone they know," says Shelley Hankins.

Shelley Hankins is a psychologist and certified forensic consultant in Dalton.

"She is portraying herself to be more than what she is, it appears. But she has a lot of labels."

Just after the murder, Mims tweeted a cryptic message: 'knowledge.' Hankins says on top of her portrayed personality, the brutal nature of the crime raises many questions.

"To actually stab somebody, close up like that, it's very personal. So it brings into question is to whether or not she possibly may have known her victim or may have been offended by the victim or may even have portrayed him as someone in her past and maybe had some type of reaction to that."

Mims is still on the run. She is considered armed and dangerous. If you see her, call 911 immediately.