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Man chased by dog runs into the street and is hit by a car

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A man was rushed to the hospital with serious injuries just before noon Monday after he ran out into oncoming traffic and was hit by a car. Chattanooga Police say the man was running from a guard dog at a business off Lee Highway.

"Our guard dog, he was scared of him, and I guess instead of being attacked by the dog, he stepped out into traffic. So I just hope the guy's okay. I just hope he's alright," says Huston Shaw.

Huston Shaw says McKamey Animal Center now has his 10-year-old guard dog, Ben. Witnesses say Ben, who guards the grounds of 'Ultimate Sounds' on Lee Highway, started chasing a man who was walking by the business. The man ran in front of a car. He crashed into a driver's windshield. Witnesses say he broke his leg.

"From what I hear, it flipped him up in the air and he hit the ground. Then EMS came and picked him up."

Shaw says Ben is usually approachable, unless he feels threatened.

"Usually he stays up here. People love him. Customers love him. They pet him. He rolls over on his belly," says Shaw.

At this point, Shaw is not sure if he will get his dog back. At the same time, he is concerned for the man and hopes he makes a quick recovery.

"I pray that's he okay. And I pray that however this comes out, it'll come out good for everybody," says Shaw.

Police say the man is expected to be okay.

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