UPDATE: Sunday afternoon another section of grass and tombstones were on fire at the Chattanooga National Cemetery.  

The director, Debra Kendrick says, around 250-300 headstones will need to be cleaned.

This is the second time that this has happened.  In January, 1800 tombstones spread across 5 acres on the other side of property were also damaged.

Ruth Highfied lost her brother March 10th, 2007. When she showed up to mark the 10th anniversary and spend some time at his final resting place, she saw investigators, police and cleanup crews instead.

She said, "I am shocked and this is the second time. It seems suspicious to me. We have 10 other relatives buried here. My uncles headstone was replaced in January when the first fire was reported."

Local law enforcement ARE now working with the state bomb and fire marshal regarding this investigation.  They said, "it's early at this phase to say if foul play may be involved"



PREVIOUS: Chattanooga Firefighters battled a second fire this year at the Chattanooga National Cemetery.

Officials say they responded to a grass fire Sunday morning and reported heavy smoke showing.

Windy conditions helped fuel the flames. About an acre of grass was burned.

The fire was put out quickly, but about 500 headstones were damaged.

This is the second fire at the cemetery this year. The first happened in January, burning about five acres.

Both fires are under investigation and no cause has been determined. Investigators with the

Department of Veterans Affairs and the state bomb and arson office will be involved in this ongoing investigation