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Polk Infant Dead, Mother & Boyfriend Indicted

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      Last summer, Polk County paramedics arrive to a Copperhill residence for a 9-1-1 assistance call, the complainant stating that a child is choking to death on a coin. Today the child's mother and her boyfriend are jailed, on felony murder and aggravated child abuse charges in connection to that fateful night.
     "This was in July of last year, and the investigation has been ongoing since then, and now a Grand Jury has returned indictments in the death of Tiffany Smith's 8 month old daughter," says Polk Sheriff's Detective Keith Barker.
       The case has had so many in this small town talking, and wondering, what exactly happened. "I hate to see any parents put down but if they did it because of drugs, I have no tolerance for drugs," says Polk native Chris Maddox.
      Maddox and his family currently live in the home where the accused 23 year old mother Tiffany Smith and her 22 year old boyfriend Daniel Kelly lived when Tiffany's daughter died.
      Maddox says his predecessors didn't have the greatest of reputations. "I don't want people to think from one tragedy our neighborhood is a bunch of drug addicts, it's not!" 
      Regarding the allegations of drug use within the couple's home and why detectives believed the infant's death was more criminal than accidental, Barker would only say, "I'm not able to comment on that."
      Barker did reveal that Kelly was picked up in neighboring Fannin County, Georgia Thursday and that both suspects are being held in the Polk County Jail on 75 thousand dollars bonds each for the felony murder and child abuse counts.
      Polk County Assistant District Attorney Drew Robinson says both defendants will be arraigned on those charges March 31st in Benton.

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