NASHVILLE (WBIR) -- The Senate unanimously passed Amelia's Law (SB1962/HB1759) Thursday, sending it to Governor Bill Haslam's desk for final approval.

Named after Amelia Keown, who died in August, 2012, the bill allows a judge to order offenders and parolees to wear a monitoring devices if alcohol or drugs played a role in their crimes.

According to investigators, John Perkins was out on parole and speeding in Maryville when he crashed head on into Keown, who was heading home after school to pick up pom poms for dance practice. Toxicology reports showed oxycodone and methamphetamine in Perkins' system at the time of the crash.

"I won't say it destroyed our family but it, it left a huge void," said Amanda Moore, Amelia's mother, and Wayne Keown, Amelia's grandfather.

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