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Trampoline park hopes to add bounce into south side's step

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Among the burgeoning business growth on the south side of Chattanooga the past few years is a one-of-a kind attraction--a brand new indoor trampoline park on Chestnut Street. Assistant manager Jay Johnson says choosing the location was practically a no-brainer.

"I think the south side has been growing up and trying to be more family oriented and trying to open our arms up to the community," says Johnson. "And what better place than being next to Finley Stadium and the Chattanooga Market."

She believes offering some "day life" will add to the success of the south side's existing and resurgent nightlife. She also hopes it makes the Jump Park as recognizable as established downtown attractions up the road.

"We want to be as equal as the Aquarium, as when people Google Chattanooga and places to have fun," explains Johnson.

Google is how Deven Paggett found the park. He and his two children made the 40 minute drive from South Pittsburg to check it out. They've been to The Scenic City many times and he's happy to see a diversifying scene in this part of Chattanooga.

"I think it'll bring up the whole situation as far as the whole south side. It'll bring out more people and actually be able to do stuff," says Paggett. "There's times when you want to take your kids out but you don't want to go out where somebody's going to act up."

Five-year-old Tucker Froehlich has also been having a blast!

"I've been jumping in those blocks and then I wanted to play that game but I didn't know what to do," says Tucker as he points across the room.

Johnson says other south side businesses have been welcoming.

"We've had some local bakeries call and say how can we help you out," adds Johnson. "Can we make birthday cakes for your birthday parties?"

A community working together to improve each other's bottom lines, providing entertainment for the young, old, and young at heart.

"We are just excited to be out here. We're excited to see new faces," says Johnson.

The park also had a game room with pool tables, foosball, and soccer pool. A full kitchen and snack area are in the works, too.

Other businesses opening soon are a brewery just to the left of the Jump Park and a bowling alley to the right which will tap into the brewery's beer. The ribbon cutting for the park is set for March 13 at 4:30 p.m.

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